Sueyeun Juliette Lee


Duriel E. Harris

…I am a word full of E’s &#8212a cool porcelain bell, a spore, a briny rusted lock, a passing scab, an errant cell turning. &#8212“self portrait (with vial & corn tash)” How can one respond to the trauma of global violence? Written against the backdrop…

The Girl Without Arms

Brandon Shimoda

Brandon Shimoda’s The Girl Without Arms (Black Ocean 2010) speaks with a spiritual intensity driven by intuitive pressures to probe through vestiges of family history and the immediate geographic/emotional locations of composition. The resulting book constructs an image, in infrared, of Shimoda’s consciousness. The dominant…

Hi-Density Politics

Urayoán Noel

To re-site the body&#8212to remember&#8212 To cruise the city&#8212Lorca meets Joe Brainard! (from “Hi-Then (salutation)”) Unafraid to run on his infectious, jangling nerve, Urayoán Noel weds witty word play to his call for a protean identity politics. By utilizing a variety of constraints and poetic…

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