Christina Mengert

We Press Ourselves Plainly

Nathalie Stephens

In a review of Touch to Affliction, Meg Hurtado describes Nathalie Stephens as “a tragic poet, in the word’s truest sense.” Stephens’ most recent book, We Press Ourselves Plainly, asks what happens to a body, a mind, a landscape that has absorbed the history of…

The Last 4 Things

Kate Greenstreet

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of hearing Kate Greenstreet read from her first book, Case Sensitive (Ahsahta 2006). It struck me, at the time, how much her reading style conveyed the sense of thought in real time, as opposed to language that…

The Dirt Riddles

Michael Walsh

I watch cows, like small, sleepy dinosaurs, swish their tails as they masticate grass in the field across from my house. Every day the same. Swish, chew, swish, chew. I confess: I have been charmed by a vision of rural life that requires no spit,…

The Smaller Half

Marc Rahe

When I used to read submissions for the Denver Quarterly, sometimes more than a hundred in one week, I would often notice recurring aesthetic patterns or gestures, executed with more or less sophistication, in poets of seemingly different substantive interests. Were they just reading the…


Lara Glenum and Arielle Greenberg, Editors

Gurlesque is an anthology of contemporary poetry by women that subverts cultural concepts of heteronormative sexuality. Arielle Greenberg and Lara Glenum, the collection’s editors, maintain that the anthology rose out of an observation of growing tendencies toward certain representations of the female body and female…


Liz Waldner

Can the dialectic between poetry and philosophy resolve itself into some kind of Hegelian synthesis? It seems the efforts of Plato and Aristotle to cast a suspicious eye on the value of poetry, or to taxonomize it, was at least in part a reaction to…

Theory of Mind

Bin Ramke

“Theory of mind,” as a concept, is ontologically and epistemologically concerned with both the ability of the mind to observe itself, as well as to analogize the existence of other minds. It seems fitting, then, that a book of poems would invoke a discourse primarily…

Missing Her

Claudia Keelan

A few years ago, in an interview with Poets and Writers Magazine, Claudia Keelan recounts teaching Whitman’s Leaves of Grass as the first plane hit the Twin Towers on September 11th. She writes, “…the insistence of self being other—it was the only word for the…

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