Vanessa Place

The New Masculinist Lyric Redux

Click HERE for a PDF review of the following books: Daniel Tiffany’s Privado (Action Books, 2010) Ronaldo V. Wilson’s Poems of the Black Object (Futurepoem, 2009) Brian Teare’s Sight Map (Univ. of California Press, 2009) Roberto Tejada’s Exposition Park (Wesleyan University Press, 2010)

Meddle English

Caroline Bergvall

It is a set of Russian nesting-dolls, which means something if you are not Russian, and something else if you are. And something still further if you like dolls, and something else if you do not. For everything means something in terms of its not….

Driven to Abstraction

Rosmarie Waldrop

The contents of this book are presented in two main parts, the first part containing five long poems, the second part subdivided into four movements, each movement containing two to five short poems and followed by an interlude, the whole part enveloped by an opening…

Poets Without Products

Amanda Ackerman, Divya Victor, Carol Watts, Joseph Mosconi, Ariel Goldberg, Mairéad Byrne

Wherein the reader complaints about what is and what isn’t, in equal measure and to no real effect. I get many books in the mail. Mostly shiny, mostly fine. Fine as in that which is levied against those who have committed an infraction. Or a…

No Content, in which will be discussed Volume One (Selected Anonymous Marginalia) Liam Agrani (ed.) (BlazeVOX Books); Autobiography: Volume One (1975-1993), © Ryan M. Haley (Ugly Duckling Presse); Servants of Dust, Gary Barwin (No Press).

Today, and if you were children, I would call you children, we are going to consider the attractions of nothing that is very much worth considering. I have picked three books in the random fashion of things that appear in my mailbox, determined that they…

Collective Task

Robert Fitterman

After reading the following statement from Dorthea Lasky’s chapbook, Poetry is Not a Project, please fill out the short survey below and read the review of Collective Task that corresponds to your answer. Lasky writes: “I would argue that a poet who has a project…

Neighbour Procedure

Rachel Zolf

Love thy neighbor, said the self-referential divinity, as thyself. This was commandment number two, the first being, naturally, the injunction to love the divinity itself with all one’s soul, heart and assorted parts. [1] Whereupon, seizing upon the ambiguity of the second commandment compared to…

Extemporalis on the New Masculinist Lyric: In which will be discussed Douglas Kearney’s The Black Automaton (Fence 2009), James Wagner’s Geisttraum (Esther Press 2010), and Steven Zultanski’s Pad (Make Now Press 2010).

For what feels like some time, I have been saying things in passing and in private about “the new masculinist lyric.” Things about form and content, things said, like so many other passing and private things, as if the thing of which other things may…

Boris by the Sea

Matvei Yankelevich

Boris by the Sea wears its materiality on its sleeve. By materiality, I mean phenomenology. By phenomenology, I mean phenomenologies. For Boris, our Everyman Agonist, checks off phenomenology as typology, tripping through the architectural (“He said to his right foot, Build yourself. And it did.”);…

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